Friday, April 3, 2009

Food Matters

Does anyone realize that we are what we eat? I don't just mean fat either. I am talking about the stuff in our foods. Does anyone remember the acid rain days? Well we still haven't recovered from it. Our soil is still nutrient depleted, and full of harmful chemicals. Plus we still spray our produce with many things, and pick the food way before it ripens. The food you buy in the markets today is not fresh picked. Most of the time you are buying produce that was picked a week or more previous. It wasn't picked ripe, it was picked green, then put in a gas chamber to start the ripening process before we get it. Let me let you in on a little secret; folic acid is needed for nurtrient absorbtion, and most soil is deficient of it. That means the food being grown is not absorbing any nutrients from the sun or soil. The sprays we use don't allow the fruit to defend itself against anything, and therefore the food loses the nutients involved in fighting. We need this nutrient, and we need folic acid too. Our bodies are so riddled with toxins because of our food, and we wonder why our nation is so sick. Food does matter. Yet somehow we believe we are eating healthy, and are getting proper nutrition from our food, and vitamins. Now there is another topic. We don't even absorb 10% of the supplements we take. Our bodies are not designed to absorb synthetic, unnatural things. We are so brainwashed to believe that vitamins are a "fix all." What we need is whole food, that isn't riddled with toxins. Well, unfortunately, we cannot buy this in a store. Even many of the "so-called" oraganic foods are toxic too. They aren't as bad mind you, but still they come from the depleted soil we have in our nation. I can tell you there is hope though. My personal research and experience has led me to a wonderful nutritional beverage that offers this whole food, gives my body everything it needs, and is mostly made from organic, wild fruits, which are not from North America, are not sprayed, and are not picked too early. It prevents disease and illness, gives natural sustained energy, promotes healing, eliminates aches and pains, improves your mood, and helps your body look and feel younger. God gave us foods to heal our bodies, and we just have to find them and use them. Food does matter. Check out my squidoo lens about this subject too.
For more information email me at or check out my web page about this amazing product. This is a true gift from God, and I know for a fact we can live a longer healthier life if we drink it regularly. I also have a great Food Matters Video Intro for you to watch. Click on the link below.

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