Saturday, April 18, 2009

Business Opportunities Galore

Hey, are you feeling like me? I am reeling from all the business opportunities that are flying around these days. I just can't help but to feel like the world is pushing me to pick theirs.

But guess what? I already have my own business. The question now is, how do I attract people to my business team without them feeling pushed too? I am the least pushiest person around, and I certainly know how it feels to be skeptical, and afraid of being scammed.

I know my business opportunity is second to none, but how does anyone trust me on this? If you were to ask my friends and co-workers, they'd tell you how trustworthy I am, but the reality is, that without having that personal relationship, how do you know?

I am feeling overwhelmed these days by people reading my Squidoo lenses, and following me on Twitter, and me not knowing what the outcome of it may be. I guess I'm stuck with knowing what comes next in this internet world. I am doing some great training, which has gotten me this far, so onward and upward I go!

I am on an amazing journey of knowledge, and I know there are great things out there for me. Patience is definitely something I am needing to exhibit. Thank you for reading my innermost thoughts. It feels good to get things off my mind, and down where I can see them. I have a new web site that I'm promoting, check it out.

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