Saturday, February 28, 2009

So Many Acai Products, How Do I Choose The Best One?

Now here's a topic I have been struggling with for quite some time now. Not all products out there are created equal. After my extensive research, I have discovered that some products are made just to "cash in" on the "Acai craze" that is going on right now. It is difficult to determine which one's these are, but if they are sending you spam mail, you can be sure their product is not what they say it is. Then I've noticed all these Acai juices in the supermarkets now, and of course the health food stores too. If you actually look at these juices, most of them are clarified, which means most of the pulp and oils have been taken out. The thing about the Acai, is that the pulp and skin is where the nutrients are. This is the part we need to put in our bodies for FULL nutritional benefits. Another issue is that there really is very little Acai in these juices or products at all. Maybe a total of 3 or 4%. Then they add other juices to the mix. I even know about one product that says 100% Acai, but it is mostly water, and sugar. They call it 100% because there are no other fruits added. Also, the Acai berry is not a juicy berry by nature either. So in order for it to be juice, the processed berry has to mixed with something. Some of the products out there taste absolutely terrible too. The Acai itself has somewhat of a bitter taste, and some people have been turned off by this. There are also different grades of the Acai berry, just like there are different grades of coffee beans, meats, produce, etc... This fact is not well known, but it's true. Because it is very expensive to harvest and process this fruit, many companies will save money by using the lower grades. Of course they would never admit to it, but nonetheless, it is a common occurance. Then that brings me to the harvesting process itself. It is very hot and humid in the Amazon, and when the Acai Berry is harvested it immediately starts to decompose. And if the berry is not processed within 24 hours of being picked it loses almost all of its' nutritional content. Some companies pick the berry before it is ripe for these reasons. Then they can transport it easier, and then process it. The problem with this practice is, that picking any fruit too early, makes it so that the fruit has not reached its' full nutritional potential. This is a common problem with the produce we buy as consumers. Why do you think our nation is so malnourished? We don't get what we think we're getting from our food. So what do we do? Well I can't tell you what you should do, but I do know of a product that is far superior to anything you can buy in the store. This product not only has a very high grade Acai, but also is blended with other highly graded fruits that compliment each other, and allows your body to absorb the nutrients much better. Plus this beverage gives you 13 servings of fruits and vegetables every day, which I don't think many of us get. This product is backed by science and literature, and has a patent pending harvesting process, which allows the nutrition to remain in the berry. They pick it ripe and process it right there with facilities they have bulit in Brazil. This product was 10 years in the making because the company wanted it to be the perfect nutrional food. It is just that. It has everything your body needs to be healthy, heal itself, fight illness and disease, and prevent you from ever getting the serious diseases out there. It gives you energy, helps you sleep, improves your mood, helps you look younger, improves memory, and much more. Who doesn't want all that? This is the only health product anyone needs, no more popping pills and supplements. Want more information? I would be more than happy to help you with that. You can email me at Thank you for reading my 4th blog.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's only money.

I have noticed that many people have different opinions about what they should and shouldn't spend their money on. For instance, I think health is something we all need to be investing our money in. Why? Well, it' simple really. If you have lots of money, but your health is poor, you won't be able to enjoy that money. If you know your body could be healthier, and you go and spend your last dollars on things like eating out, movie night, lattes, cigarettes, more clothes you don't need, or any other unneccessary items, then you are obviously not seeing the bigger picture. We are nothing without good health and well being. Who out there would rather get the best health they can? I know I do. I have found a way to be very healthy for the cost of a latte per day(the good kind). If I add up the cost it takes for me to buy a bunch of vitamins, and the cost of good quality produce, it is very expensive! And most of what we pay for is barely used by our bodies because of chemicals and over production. For example, a peach from the 1950's, has the nutritional value of 55 peaches today. That is outrageous! The vitamin industry makes a killing on us suckers who choose to buy their products. We are lucky if they dissolve in our stomaches at all, and if they do, we might only absorb 7% of them in our body. Then we go buy more, thinking that maybe the next batch will show us some results. Well why waste your money on stuff your body doesn't use, or just eliminates all together? I will let you in on a little secret, you don't have to waste that money anymore. There is hope. I know first hand the difference this health juice has made for myself, and my entire family. It truly is a gift from God, and he has meant for us to find it and use it to become disease free. This is not just a bunch of hype either. I know there are many products out there, I have tried almost all of them. This one is by far, the most superior, and complete nutritional product out there today. Invest in your health, before you lose it all together, and then nothing matters anymore anyway. If you would like to know more about what this is I am talking about, please email me.
Thank you for reading my third blog.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Autism can be healed.

I have a son with Autism, or more specificly, PDDNOS. I have always believed he was born a normal boy, and things changed after immunizations. Of course I have no proof, just my word, and my observations. I have recently read books by Jenny McCarthy about the subject, and how she healed her son. In her second book, "Mother Warriors" there are stories of other parents who have healed their children as well. My eyes were opened to this new way of believing. I always knew something could be done, because I had already done things on my own to help heal my son. I have been a frequent visitor on this web site . There is tons of great information there about healing. Nutrition and supplementing is very important for these children, yet, a vast majority don't get what they need. There is a wide range of healing methods out there, and I encourage anyone who is wanting to get involved to go see a special doctor, called a DAN doctor. (Defeat Autism Now) Jenny McCarthy mentions a product that is very popular for nutritional supplementation called Mona Vie Original. This is by far the best way to get nutrition into anyone with just 2 shots(drinks) per day. This way, all the nutrients required are given at the same time, and no other supplements are needed. It is extremely convenient for everyone to use, and it tastes great! This juice provides the equivalent of 7-13 servings of fruit and vegetables per day. How many of you actually get your recommended servings? If you would like more information about any of this information please email me.
Believe me when I tell you, that we are very capable of healing many diseases, and ailments. All we need to do is look for it, and be willing and open minded enough to try. We don't have to be sick, we can choose to get better.

Health: does it really matter to you?

I am finding that I am really concerned about health these days. There has been a lot of death in our family, and it almost all is due to diseases. My biggest burden is the thought of cancer. The statistics show now, that 1 in 2 people are likely to get some form of cancer in their life. That is down right scary! Other diseases on my mind these days are heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer's. I have personally dealt with all of these in the past two years, and let me tell you, I am afraid. I know we can't go through our life afraid of everything, but I have been on a mission to find out how to prevent these things from happening to me and my family. I have done a ton of research, and have come to the conclusion, that our doctor's are not the one's we should be asking for help on this subject. They all say there really is nothing we can do, other than exercise, and eat right. Well, I happen to know that this isn't always the case. I know many people who died anyway, or got sick, even though they were/are very healthy, or at least that's what we all thought. The problem is that our food is so nutritionally depleted, that we are not getting what we think we're getting from our food. I was taking lots of supplements too, but we are lucky if we actually absorb 7% of what is in these supplements. Some supplements don't even dissolve at all, and are eliminated the same as when they were ingested. So what? Well, if we aren't getting the proper nutrition, then how can we possibly fight off disease and illness? I am happy to say that I have found a solution to this dilema. I have come across in my research, a health beverage that is the perfect balance of nutrition. It by far out surpasses any other product I've tried. It is backed by doctors and scientists, and has been researched heavily. I know it is the most powerful prevention out there, and I am very blessed to have found it, or actually, it found me. What is this product? I cannot actually tell you here, as I may get in to trouble. As most of you know, any health product that is not a proven drug, cannot make any claims. If you would like to know more about this product, please send me an email, and I would be glad to educate you on it. Here is my email: Thank you for reading my very first blog.