Monday, March 16, 2009

Sleep problems

Over the last few months, I have really paid attention to how many people out there have sleep problems. I am amazed that we can even function in a day! I personally struggled with this issue, as did my mother and my daughter as well. I don't think we give sleep the credit it's due. What happens when we lack sleep? Our bodies suffer greatly. Our immune systems are compromised, making us get sick easier, our brains can't function at their normal level, we get sleepy at the wrong times during the day, we are moody, we lack energy and motivation, it leads to obesity, or even the other side of it, anorexia. Do you think this sleep thing deserves more of our attention? I certainly do! Most of us just barely function, and chalk it up to it being just a part of life. Well let me tell you it isn't just "LIFE". There are many reasons why we don't sleep. Some of it is medical issues, some is stress related, and some of it is just the inability to get things done in normal waking hours. Some of us cannot shut our brains off at night either. I can't tell you how to overcome these things, but I can share my story and help you find a solution. First, there is my mother. She has always had trouble sleeping, and has taken many sleeping pills in her day. She had a sleep study done, and discovered she has Sleep Apnea. This of course, is a big problem for many people. This is a medically related problem. She also has stress in her life, and has difficulty shutting her brain down at night. Then there's myself. I am lucky not to have Sleep Apnea, but I do have the stress, and the overactive brain. My 10 year old daughter has this same issue. She thinks way too much at night! Thankfully we have all found a wonderful solution. We are all drinking an amazing nutritional beverage that has helped us find sleep again. We all feel terrific! It's amazing what getting proper nutrition can do for your body! Who knew it was related to sleep problems? My sleep is so much deeper than before, which is what we need. I used to be an extremely light sleeper, and would wake many times in a night. Sometimes I would "doze" which means I sort of slept, but not really. I am so happy to have found this solution, and to have helped my daughter and my mom too. I would love to hear your comments and thoughts. Please email me at Thank you for reading my 6th blog.

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